Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Camel Cup in a Campervan.

By [Pete & Katrien] - Flickr
The dusty outback is welcoming the camels and all manner of exciting activities and performances this July.  Alice Springs' Blatherskite park- the name is as interesting as the festival- is hosting the annual Camel Cup.

'The Alice' a northern territory Australian pioneer town is holding the extravaganza and Mr & Mrs  Camel,  bellydancers, bands, rickshaw drivers and all manner of people will be showing up for the fun.

The appeal of the Camel race lies in the beasts themselves.  As the races begin some will run off, some will back up, others may spit up to 3m and still others may decide to tilt, leaving the jockey's clutching for dear life.  The race is entertaining to be sure.

By lulugal0870 - Flickr Creative commons

Watch the rickshaw rallies, bands and belly dancers, and let the kiddies enter the prettiest camel contest.  Couples can enter the 'Honeymoon Handicap' race or fancy their luck in the Miss & Mr Camel Cup challenge.

Bring a campervan and join in the fun day with Alice and all the others who come for a great day of entertainment.  This is a good reason for a road trip through Northern territories or from Queensland or Western Australia.  The famous, Uluru is nearby, so don't miss the chance to go see that.

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