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Brisbane to Cairns Roadtrip!

Lake Mackenzie, Fraser Island
Lake Mackenzie, Fraser Island
By kevgibbo - - Flickr

The East coast of Australia is a path full of many beautiful discoveries, the best being the abundance of beaches with white sand and transparent rolling waves. Take a Campervan roadtrip from Brisbane up the coast North to Cairns. This takes you along Bruce Highway for a 1,703km roadtrip, however, don't just take the highway but explore various places off the beaten track on the way.

The best time to take a trip to this subtropical area is between April and November when it's drier and the temperature is more moderate. Pick up a camper for you and your family or friends in Brisbane and hit the road to the
Sunshine coast.

Noosa Australia
Noosa Heads Paddle Boarder
By eGuise Travel - Flickr

The whole route up passes many, many fantastic beaches so I won't name them all but be sure to spend some time when you spot one to your liking.
Australia Zoo is a top attraction, the creation of Australia's famous Steve Irwin.
Noosa Heads, Maroochydore, Caloundra and Mooloolaba are the main centre along this stretch, all resort type beach towns with plenty of great eateries, shops and of course beaches.
If you're in these parts on a Saturday or Wednesday, spend a pleasant and possibly bountiful morning at the Eumundi Markets. Head off route to Mary Cairncross park where you can get a fabulous view of the Glass House Mountains. While you're up there, take the scenic route from
Maleny to Montville where many a quaint coffee shop and craft store call home.

Spend a night in one of the many parks along the way, but we recommend:

Lake Waddy, Fraser Island
Lake Waddy, Fraser Island
By peterjoel1 - Flickr

Don't laugh at the names, but Gympie to Gin Gin is the next leg of the journey. On this leg you have the option to ferry over from either River Heads or Hervey Bay to the World Heritage-listed Fraser Island. A beautiful sand island with great fishing, sparkling sand and waters, creeks and Lakes. If you want to take the Camper over, you will need a 4WD vehicle.
Go for a whale watching cruise in Hervey Bay, take a tour of the Bundaberg Rum distillery in Bunderberg or the Mon Repos Conservation Park turtles (only November to March).

The recommended park along the way is:

But if you want to spend a night or two in a more peaceful and quiet stretch of the coast, stay in Rainbow Beach, Burrum Heads Woodgate or Bargara.

Between Gin Gin and the tropical Rockhampton, there is many more coastal stops. However, Lake Awoonga and Lake Monduran are stocked with Barramundi if you want to try your luck with the rod. Rockhampton Botanic gardens are superb visit, with tropical plants, a Japanese garden, BBQ's and a tearoom. Rockhampton has many a historic building, so take a wander down Quay Street and see many of the fine buildings. Free camp along the Calliope River near Bruce Highway or stay at:

Rockhampton 31-10-2007 11-17-33
Capricorn Caves
By androoouk - Flickr

From Rockhampton, head out to Emu Park on the headland. Here, a large white sculpture - the singing ship, commemorates Captain Cook. Hidden organ pipes are activated by on-shore breezes causing it to actually sing. Nearby, are the Capricorn Caves, a huge tourist attraction. You can adventure cave through them or take a more relaxing guided tour. The huge domed cathedral cavern impresses all and the caves even have a camping ground. Further up the coast check out the coal exports or the Pine Islet lighthouse.

DSC77/Australia/Queensland/Airlie Beach harbour
Airlie Beach Harbour
By dany13 - Flickr

From McKay to Townsville we're getting even more tropical. Airlie beach overlooks the Whitsundays and is a perfect holiday destination with a tropical climate and good shopping. Take a day trip cruise over to the Whitsundays, a remarkable waterway made up of 74 islands all with perfect beaches and pristine waters. South of Townsville take some time at the Billabong sanctuary, dedicated to protecting native animals. Discover the Great Barrier reef's ecosystem at Reef HQ, an educational centre for the Marine Park.

Stay at:

Jourama Falls
By Mads Boedker - Flickr

The Townsville to Cardwell leg is where you can do an abundance of Tropical activities. Start off feasting on Mangoes at 'The Frosty Mango' roadside cafe between Rollingstone and Ingham. Camp by the Jourama Falls in the Paluma Range National Park. In this forested and beautiful area you can take a walk to the falls lookout, bathe in the swimming holes or watch the kingfishers flitting about. Take a look at the cane sugar fields or drive through the pine plantation and native forests to have a picnic by the Spa Creek swimming hole.

Spend a night or more at:

Paronella Park
Paronella Park
By Tasmin Slater - Flickr

Between Cardwell and Cairns is one of the prettiest places in Australia. Lush rainforests, rugged mountains, waterfalls and the Great Barrier Reef islands. Walk through Paronella Park private garden with stairways and even a castle. If you're game for a 15km summit walk you can find yourself at the highest peak in Queensland, Mount Bartle Frere. White water raft on the Tully, North Johnstone or Barron Rivers, suitable for thirteen year olds up.

This stretch of coast has many a great place to stay. These are a few:

Well, you have reached Cairns, 1700km+ later. From here, drop the Campervan and finish up, go up further to the fantastic town - Port Douglas or head along the Northern Coastline towards Darwin! Whatever you do, have a fantastic journey!

Find your Campervan at Campervan Hire Sale Finder. Leave us any comments for great attractions or if you've done this road trip.


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Perth To Broome Western Australia Roadtrip!

Dongara-Port Denison
Dongara - Port Denison, WA
By erictitcombe - Flickr

The Western coast of Australia is a fabulous roadtrip destination with a diverse range of activities and sights. Not as popular a destination as its counterpart on the east coast, but possibly better as it's not as built up and overrun with people. With sparkling clear waters for the swimmers and surfers , deserted beaches for the fishermen and wild flower picnic areas, Western Australia would make a perfect campervan destination. The great thing about a Campervan is you have so much freedom to stop and start where you went like pulling up aside a beautiful beach and making yourself a coffee.

Begin your journey in Perth, the largest city in Western Australia. Pick up your Campervan here and head north joining highway 71, to take the more coastal route north. However, if you travel the brand Highway north, you will find yourself surrounded in some parts by stunning wildflowers (particularly between July and October.) Stop off at visitor info centres along the highway for more info on Flower areas. Near Cervantes (which is along the coast), in the Namburg National Park, you can witness 'The Pinnacles'. Thousands of limestone pillars , some up to 5 metres tall rise up out of the sands.
Gin gin on Brand Highway is perfect for a picnic lunch and Lancelin has some beauty fishing and diving.

Pinnacles desertMonkey Mia
Pinnacles desert Monkey Mia
By StormyDog - Flickr By mikecogh - Flickr

Once you've spent some time in Geraldton and sampled some Lobster, head north toward Carnarvon. Take a diversion off the highway to Kalbarri. Here you will discover some fascinating geological features, spectacular gorges and coastal cliffs along with some pretty wildflowers. Off the main highway take a left turn towards the coast to Denham. Pick up some seafood at Shark Bay Fish Factory to cook for dinner and check out the Stromatolites, near the telegraph station (tearooms and museum) at Shell Beach. Near here also is Monkey Mia Reserve where bottle-nose dolphins regularly visit the beach and... you can ride camels.
  • Between Geraldton and Carnarvon, park up the Motorhome at Denham Seaside Tourist village for the night. Overlook the sparkling tranquil waters of Shark Bay and if you're keen of fishing this place is good for you.

Coral Bay
Coral Bay
By Phillie Casablanca - Flickr

Enjoy Carnarvon for a while then head North in the direction of Nanutarra Roadhouse. Divert out to Coral Bay, an absolutely beautiful beach and be sure to head out on the Exmouth Penisula further up the coast. The protected Ningaloo Marine Park is home to the state's largest Coral Reef where you can take a plunge and explore the reef and the abundance of marine life. Keep an eye out for migrating Hump back whales between August and November. Charter boats can take you fishing diving or in a glass bottom boat.

We're getting far up the country now, traveling from Nanutarra Roadhouse to Port Hedland. Take a diversion off the main highway out to Onslow and keep a lookout for Termite mounds along the roadside. A lot of industry occur up in this region and you can check out visitors centres along the way to find out about it all. Cossack is a historic town near Wickham that is worth a visit.

Salt mountain
Salt Mountain, Port Hedland
By Newhaircut - Flickr

The road between Port Hedland and Broome is some 600 km long so perhaps plan to spend a night or two in the middle. After leaving Port Hedland look out for the stockpiles of salt ready to export overseas. Fishing along the Northwest Coast is very popular so be sure to cast a line from a beach like Eighty mile, or Gourdon Bay. Arrive in Broome and check out the Crocodile Park!

And here is where the road trip commentary comes to an end. If you like you can continue along the northern coast and end in Darwin or keep going around the whole of Australia! Get a campervan for the journey from Campervan Hire Sale Finder. Have an amazing journey! Let us know if there's an awesome spot along this route to visit.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tasmania Roadtrip - Part Two!

Cradle Mountain Behind Dove Lake
Cradle Mountain across Dove Lake
By Bjorn Chistian Torrissen

Tasmania is a gem to explore and perfect for Campervan travellers of all age. The locals try to keep it to themselves, but the word's out! Check out part one of the roadtrip for the sights heading up the east coast between Hobart and Launceston.

We begin in Launceston, Tasmania. Join the journey and pick up a Campervan there, or continue your travels from Hobart.

While you're in Launceston, and before you get on the road to Devonport, take a trip to Cataract Gorge. Scenic cruises operate through the gorge, there are many walks and you can even take a chairlift across the gorge.

Swimming pool , chairlift, First Basin and suspension bridge - Cataract Gorge [Launceston]
Cataract Gorge
By Jorge Lascar - Flickr

Located just out of Launceston is Stoney Rise Wine Company where you can experience great food and wine while overlooking the Tamar River.

Take a tour in Warrawee Forest Reserve to see some cute platypuses and at Beauty point visit the acclaimed Seahorse Point. Near Devonport, Port Sorell has a popular beachside caravan park to rest your sightseeing eyes.

Stanley's Nut
By Prince Roy - Flickr

From Devonport, cruise along the North coast to Smithton. Remember, if you're in a campervan you have so much freedom to stop anywhere on the way for a scenic cup of coffee or afternoon nap. Before reaching Smithton, take a right turn towards Stanley. Here, Stanley's Nut, a 152-metre high basalt monolith will tower out of the sea sheltering the town at it's base. Take a chairlift ride up it or walk up for a fabulous view. Stanley has a superb Campervan Park right on the water's edge with nice grassy sites.

Head back on the same coast you came in on and when you reach Somerset, take the A10 south. Stop at Waratah, a former mining town at Mount Bischoff and anywhere else en-route, but definitely take the C132 to Cradle Mountain.

Cradle Mountain Dove Lake HDR Stevage
Cradle Mountain
By Stevage - Wikimedia Commons

Cradle Mountain is a world renowned spectacle in Lake St Clair National Park. It's unspoilt beauty and rich animal and plant life make this a incredible place to visit. There's a deep but very tranquil lake and many walking tracks to take advantage of. Stop into the vistior's centre when you arrive to get more info about the area. Set in the bushland outside the area is the welcoming Discovery Holiday Park - Cradle Mountain to lay your head for a night or more.

8km South-west of Roseberry is the temperate lush rainforests beholding the spectacular Montezuma Falls. Roseberry offers a nice range of services and shops for the traveler.

Between Roseberry and Derwent you can take a river cruise from Strahan across Macquarie Harbour and up the waters of the Gordan River. Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park is also a pretty place to visit. Short walks lead you to Rainforests, lookouts and waterfalls.

150  Tas 2011 Russell Falls, Mount Field Nat Park
Russell Falls, Mount Field National Park
By jeffowenphotos - Flickr

Cast a line in a stream between Derwent Bridge and New Norfolk and you may pull up a Trout! Visit Mount Field National Park with beautiful forests and waterfalls and you may see a bandicoot! Consider spending the night in Hamilton Campervan Park and from there you can visit the historic St. Peter's Anglican Church.

Port Arthur
By Martybugs - Wikimedia Commons

From New Norfolk, it's not far to Hobart via Bridgewater, and here is where the journey ends. If you haven't had your fill yet, take the road over to Port Arthur. Port Arthur will show you some intriguing Tessellated Pavement- an odd geological formation by the waters edge. The evocative Port Arthur ruins are a favourite to visit. The area includes ruins, restored ancient buildings a penitentiary, asylum, church and some magnificent gardens.

I hope this journey has been helpful! Don't forget to book ahead for a Campervan through Campervan Hire Sale Finder. If you know of any great spots on this journey, let us know!!

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Tasmania Roadtrip!

The Road Home
Road to Hobart
By jemsweb - Flickr

You may not expect the little island on the bottom of the Australia to be a Campervan holiday destination, but I'm here to tell you many a traveller has had many a fantastic holiday touring the hidden gem of Australia, Tasmania. The locals like to keep it to themselves because they're onto a good thing, but everyone must experience Tasmania at some point.

Hobart ,Mt Wellington
Hobart from Mt. Wellington
By Ianz - Flickr

This roadtrip will take you from Hobart to Launceston, where, if you're short on time you can leave your Campervan at Launceston, shoot back down to Hobart, OR continue a round trip of the island and end back in Hobart.

The best time to travel Hobart is in Spring and Autumn, but Summer is not too hot to be uncomfortable. Be sure to book a Campervan early so as to not miss out. Find one at Campervan Hire Sale Finder and you may even save some money on this Family, Lovers or Friends Campervan trip.

Arrive in Hobart and pick up a campervan for your dream holiday. Hobart is Australia's second oldest city situated astride the River Derwent and overlooked by the regal Mount Wellington. After having an explore in Hobart head East towards Sorell. Stop here if you like, but be sure to visit the historic and quaint town of Richmond. With quality arts and crafts, fantastic eateries, picturesque bridges and ancient buildings you'll be glad you stopped.

Tasmania 429
By Richard Gifford - Flickr

There is a campervan park at Richmond and one at Triabunna which incidentally is the place to get a ferry over to Maria Island. Maria Island is excellent for bushwalking, birdwatching and fishing and if you're keen to visit a Gaol, head on over. Before you arrive in Triabunna, be sure to spend some solitary time in Buckland's St. John the Baptists church. The stain glassed windows there date back to the 14th century, but let the church tell you the rest.

Keep heading north up the coast stopping and sightseeing wherever you fancy. That's what is so great about a campervan, so much freedom! Pull up and have a coffee on the beachfront or if you're tired, stay overnight in the closest campervan Park (of which there are many in Tasmania).

Wineglass Bay Lookout
Wineglass Bay Lookout
By Anna's Photos - Flickr

At Llandaff, take a right on C302. This will lead you to Wine Glass Bay in Freycinet National Park. Take heed of it's name and sit back with a glass of wine overlooking the spectacular postcard beach with secluded sparkling white sands. Walks to lookouts are 1 hour return or walks to the beach are 2.5 hour return, but well worth it. Head on back towards Bicheno where Bicheno East Coast Holiday Park is recommended for an overnight stay.

Heading north again, Lagoons Beach Conservation (about 32 km from Bicheno) area is a fantastic place to spend a few nights if you get yourself a self sufficient Campervan. This bushland area is quiet and beside the beach :-)

Keep following the A3 inland through towering forests, stopping where you see fit and interesting. Be sure to turn down towards St. Columbia Falls where you will witness masses of water cascading over a granite bass into South George River.

The Bridestowe Estate Lavender Farm
By >littleyiye< - Flickr

You will however, find spectacular, the 48hectares of Lavender on Bridestowe Estate Lavender Farm in Nabowla ( a right turn off the main highway).

Once in Launceston, you have options. a) Drop your campervan off and head home, b) Head south through the island back down to Hobart or c) Prepare yourself to drive north-west and then south around the island (the best option if you have time).

For those heading back to Hobart it's a straight drive down on highway 1. Half way down are the Midlands where many towns have historic buildings - some of which are open to the public. However, don't miss Woolmers Estate near Longford (just south of Launceston). If you want to spend the night on the way down, hit up Longford Riverside Caravan Park, a pretty park on the Macquarie River. Stop and look at the many historic buildings on the way before returning to Hobart.

I hope this post was helpful and comment if you have any spots to visit on this roadtrip. Book a Campervan at Campervan Hire Sale Finder and have a fantastic journey!!

For the next edition of Tasmania Roadtrip i.e. Launceston to Hobart , on the West side of the island, check out the next blog post.

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Fairbridge Festival Australia

Jugularity at Fairbridge Folk Festival 2008
By Sirexkat - Flickr

Pack up the family in a Campervan this April and head to Fairbridge Festival. If you share the common love of World and Folk music, acoustic dance and culture then sit back and enjoy a weekend of sultry tunes and dulcet tones.

The festival is being held from 13th-15th April, (only 23 days away!! ) in the historic Fairbridge Village , 5 minutes north of Pinjarra and about an hour south of Perth, Western Australia. The festival is situated amongst bushland and has easy walking between stages, marquees, dining and camping.

Find more information about the festival here, a list of offsite Campervan parks here and get your campervan deal here.

Be in for a fun weekend but don't forget to book your accomodation! Camp in a comfortable, rock-under-the-mattress free campervan and still have freedom to do and go wherever you want!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Western Australian Roadtrip.

Open Road, Western Australia
By TheCreativePenn - Flickr

Begin an epic adventure in Perth and prepare yourself to come across beautiful beaches, magnificent wine areas and pretty Karri forests. Perth is in Western Australia and a growing tourist destination. Many are realising that Perth holds many gems, so get in before the crowds discover them!

Pick up a Campervan in Perth, but not before spending some time in Perth's famous Hay Street mall or finding some bargains in the Harbourtown outlets.

By robertpaulyoung - Flickr Commons

Before hitting the road south, head north up to Swan Valley approximately 20 minutes out of Perth. You'll find yourself in a picturesque ancient wine growing region. Stay the night in a Campervan park in Swan Valley and perhaps the following day you can follow the food and wine trail. Sample delicious food and decadent wines that have been tried and trued for centuries. Be sure to include Caversham Wildlife Park, Mondo Nougat and Margaret River chocolate Factory on your places to visit.

Mandurah Foreshore
By Michael_Spencer - Flickr

After having your fill of food and wine (and maybe another night's sleep) head South on National Route one towards Mandurah. An hour and a bit trip in the Campervan (more if you stop at the pristine beaches on the way) will bring you to Canals, beaches and huge marine life. Keep your eyes open, or take a cruise and you may just see a dolphin or two. You could drop a line and catch a fish or visit the miniature village, but make sure you taste the cullinary delight that is the award winning pies from The Miami Bake house. Miami Holiday Park is a waterfront holiday park where you could spend a night or more.

Next overnight could be in Bunbury where you can get up close and personal with the dolphins in Koombana Bay and take a walk along Busselton Jetty. Dunsborough is your next option where you can stroll the quaint cafes and shops, some of which hold the prettiest products, or visit galleries and more wineries in the region.

Hop by the Margaret River Region and tour more vineyards and purchase some local produce from the area. Cheeses from Margaret River Dairy Company, Olive oils from Olio Bello and tantalising chocolates from Margaret River chocolate Company are among the must try's. Cute shops and divine eateries are in abundance in this region, so be sure to take advantage.

Be adventurous and explore the Caves in the area. Lake Cave, Mammoth Cave and Jewel Cave among others are a wonder to behold. The daunting but very impressive caves can be explored at leisure using headsets as a guide .

Lake Cave @ Margaret River 1
Lake Cave
By Michael Spencer from Perth - Wikimedia Commons

End your Campervan journey here, or keep heading South. If you're driving back up to Perth, be sure to pop into Freemantle. Along with more fantastic beaches for swimming, they have a terrific array of restaurants, markets, a Maritime museum and a tour-able prison!

Have a fantastic journey and I hope this little roadtrip helped your planning. Remember to get a Campervan from Campervan Hire Sale Finder or visit Motorhome roadtrip for more ideas and drive safe :-)

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EASTERFEST 2012 Campervanning!

Jars of Clay @ Easterfest 08
By Jiaren Lau - Flickr

EASTERFEST 2012 is not far away! You'll be bobbing your head and tapping your toes to fantastic tunes soon enough!

The Festival in Queens Park, Toowoomba will be open for all ages, so bring along your friends, parents or kids and set them up for the day with some great music, in a delicious cafe or at Easterfest Kids program.

Headliners this year at the much loved Easterfest include Michael W Smith, Mercyme, P.O.D. and Darlene Zschech among many local and international acts.

Australia's weather has been pretty dodgy lately, so... set yourself up in a Campervan! You'll stay dry, keep warm and have a rock-under-the-mattress free sleep. There's plenty of Campervan parks around Toowoomba and you can find the perfect Campervan for your crew at Motorhome Republic.

Wherever you're traveling from you'll be able to find a Campervan and have a roadie!

Book a Campervan here! Have a fun Easterfest!