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Perth To Broome Western Australia Roadtrip!

Dongara-Port Denison
Dongara - Port Denison, WA
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The Western coast of Australia is a fabulous roadtrip destination with a diverse range of activities and sights. Not as popular a destination as its counterpart on the east coast, but possibly better as it's not as built up and overrun with people. With sparkling clear waters for the swimmers and surfers , deserted beaches for the fishermen and wild flower picnic areas, Western Australia would make a perfect campervan destination. The great thing about a Campervan is you have so much freedom to stop and start where you went like pulling up aside a beautiful beach and making yourself a coffee.

Begin your journey in Perth, the largest city in Western Australia. Pick up your Campervan here and head north joining highway 71, to take the more coastal route north. However, if you travel the brand Highway north, you will find yourself surrounded in some parts by stunning wildflowers (particularly between July and October.) Stop off at visitor info centres along the highway for more info on Flower areas. Near Cervantes (which is along the coast), in the Namburg National Park, you can witness 'The Pinnacles'. Thousands of limestone pillars , some up to 5 metres tall rise up out of the sands.
Gin gin on Brand Highway is perfect for a picnic lunch and Lancelin has some beauty fishing and diving.

Pinnacles desertMonkey Mia
Pinnacles desert Monkey Mia
By StormyDog - Flickr By mikecogh - Flickr

Once you've spent some time in Geraldton and sampled some Lobster, head north toward Carnarvon. Take a diversion off the highway to Kalbarri. Here you will discover some fascinating geological features, spectacular gorges and coastal cliffs along with some pretty wildflowers. Off the main highway take a left turn towards the coast to Denham. Pick up some seafood at Shark Bay Fish Factory to cook for dinner and check out the Stromatolites, near the telegraph station (tearooms and museum) at Shell Beach. Near here also is Monkey Mia Reserve where bottle-nose dolphins regularly visit the beach and... you can ride camels.
  • Between Geraldton and Carnarvon, park up the Motorhome at Denham Seaside Tourist village for the night. Overlook the sparkling tranquil waters of Shark Bay and if you're keen of fishing this place is good for you.

Coral Bay
Coral Bay
By Phillie Casablanca - Flickr

Enjoy Carnarvon for a while then head North in the direction of Nanutarra Roadhouse. Divert out to Coral Bay, an absolutely beautiful beach and be sure to head out on the Exmouth Penisula further up the coast. The protected Ningaloo Marine Park is home to the state's largest Coral Reef where you can take a plunge and explore the reef and the abundance of marine life. Keep an eye out for migrating Hump back whales between August and November. Charter boats can take you fishing diving or in a glass bottom boat.

We're getting far up the country now, traveling from Nanutarra Roadhouse to Port Hedland. Take a diversion off the main highway out to Onslow and keep a lookout for Termite mounds along the roadside. A lot of industry occur up in this region and you can check out visitors centres along the way to find out about it all. Cossack is a historic town near Wickham that is worth a visit.

Salt mountain
Salt Mountain, Port Hedland
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The road between Port Hedland and Broome is some 600 km long so perhaps plan to spend a night or two in the middle. After leaving Port Hedland look out for the stockpiles of salt ready to export overseas. Fishing along the Northwest Coast is very popular so be sure to cast a line from a beach like Eighty mile, or Gourdon Bay. Arrive in Broome and check out the Crocodile Park!

And here is where the road trip commentary comes to an end. If you like you can continue along the northern coast and end in Darwin or keep going around the whole of Australia! Get a campervan for the journey from Campervan Hire Sale Finder. Have an amazing journey! Let us know if there's an awesome spot along this route to visit.

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