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Splendour in the Grass Campervans!!

OK Go at Splendour
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Splendour in the grass Festival tickets are sold out and the Campervans will be soon, so get in quick!!  July 27th-29th are the dates and Byron Bay, Australia is the location.

If you've already bought your tickets but not rented your Campervan yet, get onto it.  Campervans and Motorhomes are allowed at the Festival's campsite as long as they are no longer than 7.5 metres.  If you want the comforts of a  fully set-up home away from home. Then pick up your Campervan in Brisbane (an hours drive away), Byron Bay, or any other place... check out the site.

The Campground, North Beach Campground, is a nice easy walk to the Festival. 

Campervan over Tenting?

Who wouldn't? Here are a few reasons why Campervanning is definitely an advantage over Tenting
  • It may be Byron Bay, but it's still July. Rain may fall, and if it does, who's gonna be dry and cosy? The Campervanners. 
  • You don't have to share a toilet or shower with all the other smelly campers.
  • The bed will be alot more comfortable than what a tent can provide. 
  • You can cook delicious meals on the Camper's built in stove and perhaps microwave. 
  • Campervanner's can brew up a coffee in down time
  • Refrigerate your food and avoid expensive festival food.
  • Drive in with all your gear in your van, and drive out exactly the same. 
  • No Tent pitching catastrophes or time wasting. 
  • Lock up your valuables in the Campervan rather than a flimsy tent.
  • Tenters aren't allowed to bring couches to kick back on, but yours will be built in.
  • No need for torches, lights are also built in.
The list could go on and on.. 

You need to get a ticket for every person staying in the campground, it's not a one ticket per site kind of gig.  Campervan's don't have to cost the earth either, get yourself a little JUCY or Wicked Camper or similar and you'll be away running.

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